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Furniture Restoration Services

Turn Your Rags Into Riches

Furniture Refinishing Services: Coffee Table refinish.

Do you have some old furniture, heirloom pieces, or some furniture you love that could use a revival? Well, that is precisely what we do. We take rags and turn them into riches. There are many different types of refinishing processes that can take place depending upon your budget. We offer the following:

*Polish and Buff

*Full Restorations

*New Top Coat Application

*Antique Restorations

*Heirloom Restoration


*Change of Color (Stain/Paint)

*Cabinet Refinishing/Refacing

*Veneer Repairs

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  • How much do you charge to refinish a dining room set? It is difficult to provide a set or standard price for all dining room sets. Pricing varies greatly from project-to-project and is based upon a variety of factors to include: condition of the pieces, the amount of time needed to make repairs, materials needed for the appropriate refinish, etc. However, a dining room set with six chairs typically costs between $1500-$2500.00
  • What is the cost range to have a coffee table refinished? Again, all refinishing projects vary with regards to cost. However, the average cost range is $200-$650.00
  • What is a polish and buff? A polish and buff is a very cost effective way to revitalize your furniture. It can be done right in your home in as little as one hour depending upon the size of the piece and quantity of pieces you would like worked on. We start by hand rubbing your furniture piece with a restoration oil, which is very effective in getting rid of minor scratches, water marks, etc. After, we buff the oil into your furniture piece. No sanding, odors or messes involved. 
  • I have a coffee table that has a light brown stain applied to it. I would like to change it to a different color. Is that possible? Absolutely. 
  • Do you pick up and deliver my refinished furniture pieces? We absolutely offer a pick up and delivery service. There is an associated fee depending upon its destination.