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Hardwood/Laminate Floor Installations

What We Offer

We offer superior floor installation services by true craftsman who pay extremely close attention to detail. We offer prefinished, unfinished hardwood floor installations to include all sizes and species of hardwood flooring. We also install laminate and vinyl plank flooring. 

Current Specials

Our Spring Fling hardwood floor installation special is in effect until June 1st. This includes a discounted labor rate of just $2.25/ square foot!


  • Does your labor rate cover the cost of materials? The answer is yes and no. It covers the cost of underlayment paper and hardware (flooring nails/cleats) It does not cover the cost of your actual flooring, as that price can greatly vary depending upon what you choose. 
  • Does it cost extra to have our current floor (carpet/tile, etc) removed?  Unfortunately, yes there is an additional fee for the removal and haul away of your existing floor, as it does take time and there are waste disposal costs on our end. 
  • How long does it take to install a floor? Well, generally speaking, we can install between 200-450 square feet per day depending upon the complexity of the floor being installed.
  • How do we schedule our free estimate or schedule a project start date? If you would  like a free estimate, feel free to contact us at (603) 475-7018, email us, or send us a scheduling reservation right here on our website.