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Staircase installation

Why We Are Unique

With all of our staircase installation projects, we custom handcraft our own stair treads, moldings and risers. The best part is we pre-finish all of our stair parts so our customers can immediately use their staircase once we clean up and leave their home. No messes, smells or inaccessibility. We also pre-paint our risers to the color of our customers' choice prior to our arrival at their home. No taping, paint spills, or hours of painting on top of the staircase installation. We also custom build and install newel posts, railings and ballusters.


Labor Rates:

Stair Tread Installation: $50.00/tread

Riser Installation: $25.00/painted riser

Material Cost: Varies depending on the type of lumber needed to match your current flooring. The average cost ranges between $80.00-$115.00/tread.


  • How long does a normal size staircase take to complete? An average size staircase with no structural problems generally takes between two to three days to complete.
  • When can we walk on the stairs once they are installed? Right away!
  • Is there anything we need to do after the staircase is installed? No, it will be a finished product once we leave your home.